Medicine interview course

This online course is supposed to be used to accompany our in person sessions, and contains materials which comprehensively cover each aspect of the medicine interview

Online courses are free for all of our students to access, or can be purchased by non-students as standalone courses.

Our interview preparation course covers the whole process of the medical interview, from question approach to professional presentation. Our course was developed with guidance from actual interviewers working for the University of Adelaide, and includes real interview scenarios and plenty of practice interviews.

This online course contains the guides, practice questions and mock interviews we use in our in-person course, however it is highly recommended that students attend the in person course, as it allows them to get personalised feedback on their answers and interview technique.

This online course is free for students attending the in-person course to access.

This course includes

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Our resources

Pre-course prep

Information sheets

Each information sheet outlines one part of the interview, including: interview format, about the Adelaide University Medical course, talk notes from a Doctor and scenario question framework – these can be used to shape your answers.

Past interview questions

You will be provided with a document which contains all of the past interview questions we have, including added prompts from interviewers and example answers to each.

Mock interview feedback

Each mock interview comes with written feedback about what you need to improve in each question of the interview, as well as general feedback and further tips.

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