Pre-SACE English

This online course is supposed to be used to accompany our in person sessions, and contains materials which comprehensively covers each topic of the course. 

Students receive printed copies of these resources during each lesson, however they are also available here if you wish to revise outside of class time.

Online courses are free for all of our students to access, or can be purchased by non-students as standalone courses.

Our Pre-SACE English course is designed to teach students techniques to critically analyse a wide variety of texts and create well-written, effective assignments in various formats.

This online course comprehensively covers each topic for our Pre-SACE English course, however it is highly recommended that students get feedback on their written assignments from our tutors.

The course is divided into 3 disciplines: Responding to texts, creating texts and Grammar/Spelling. Each assignment type is further divided into the texts which students will be analysing or creating.

This course includes

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Our resources

Assignment guides

Our guides take you through each sentence of your assignment, show you what to write, and give example sentences and wording for you to use. 

Assignment drafts

Each comprehensive assignment draft includes comments about every sentence which needs to be changed to improve its quality (and hence your grade!). Drafts also come with a checklist of what to add, change and keep from your assignment, so you know exactly what to do.

Assignment exemplars

Each draft comes with an exemplar of a similar assignment, which has itself received an A+ grade when it was submitted.

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