This online course is supposed to be used to accompany our in person sessions, and contains materials which comprehensively cover each UCAT section

Online courses are free for all of our students to access, or can be purchased by non-students as standalone courses.

Whatever stage you’re at in your preparation, we’ve got you covered. Our UCAT course starts with us teaching you strategies to recognise and solve question types, and finishes with you confidently smashing through sections in the appropriate time.

Course Content

Untimed practice sets
Timed test sets
Timed exams

This course includes

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Our resources

Untimed practice sets

Designed to help you learn strategies to solve the questions, our untimed practice sets each aim to teach a specific aspect of each section.

Timed practice sets

Timed practice sets are done via our online system and aim to gradually improve question timing until you’re able to do questions at the pace of the real UCAT.

Full-length exams

Written to be as close to past UCAT tests as possible, our full length exams help simulate the real thing, so you feel more comfortable in your actual test.

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