Want to work with us?

Due to our small class sizes, we are always looking for more tutors to work with us. Read below for the different roles we have available. 


Tutors have a number of weekly classes that theyare responsible for. This includes teaching every week and making sure all of our students feel comfortable with the material. You will be provided with all of the resources you need to teach, and an iPad so you can use our screens.

Requirements: We believe that being able to teach content is much more important than having a perfect ATAR. If you would like to apply but aren't sure about your academic scores, contact us anyway and we will arrange for an interview.

Resource tutors

Resource tutors do not teach classes themselves, but instead are responsible for:
- Writing notes, practice questions, tests and exams
- Filming video lessons
- Keeping current notes up to date with changing syllabuses
- Answering student questions on the question helpline

Resource tutors have more flexible hours, as they can write/update notes whenever they want. Pay is based on hours of work done, which is self-logged so we are looking for honest applicants.

Requirements: Good knowledge of the course you are making resources for. Resources tutors must teach classes for at least one term before becoming a resource tutor.

Marketing team

Our marketing team is responsible for:
- Managing our social media accounts with our media team
- Reaching out to schools and potential partners
- Organising partnerships with restaurants for our weekly staff lunches 😋
- Communication with potential students
- Organising meetings with parents

Requirements: Creativity and a passion for marketing 🙂

Admin staff

Altitutor's admin staff are vital to the smooth running of our office. Our admin staff are responsible for too many things to list here, but some of the more important responsibilities include:
- Handling new student applications
- Communication with students and parents
- Organising meetings
- Handling student invoices and paying bills
- Printing and distributing resources to classes
- Opening and locking up every day
- Organising our events and student parties

Basically, if anything goes wrong, our admin staff need to be able to fix it

Requirements: Responsible individuals who have good problem solving skills. Brownie points if you can make good coffee 🙂

Media team

Our media people are responsible for:
- Formatting our paper and online resources
- Designing/drawing graphics for our notes
- Managing and updating website design
- Managing our social media accounts

Requirements: No formal experience needed, but bonus points for experience with graphic design and/or web design

IT team

Our IT people are responsible for:
- Maintaining and updating our website
- Updating our online UCAT question banks
- Creating our app (coming soon)
- Managing our servers and computers in office
- Managing our cloud services, email and filesystems
- Editing and filming our videos

Requirements: No formal experience needed, but bonus points for experience with server management, software development, web development and/or video editing

What you get.

You’ll get to join a team of passionate, driven people who want nothing more than to see our students improve their scores. Oh, and you’ll also get paid well – because we like to reward the people who work with us to maintain the high standard of tuition we demand.

How to apply?

Easy! Just fill out the application form below, and we will contact you if we require more details. Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview. This will consist of us meeting with you to discuss availability, and so we can get a sample of how you teach. More details about the interview are provided to applicants via email.