Our online resources comprehensively cover each topic for all subjects we offer courses for.

Our students receive printed copies of these resources during each lesson, however they are also available here if they wish to revise outside of class time.

Our resources

Study notes

Designed so that you’re only writing in the most high yield content, our study notes save time learning material so we can spend more time doing practice tests together.

Flashcard system

Our flashcard system schedules your study for you, making you study concepts you struggle with more often. This means you won’t need to relearn content before the exam – you’ll already know it.

Practice questions

Our focused practice questions contain a compilation of past test and exam questions from each subtopic – so you can improve at each subtopic individually.

Practice tests

Our full-length practice tests are created to be as close as possible to your school tests – and you’ll have access to as many as you need both in class and at home.

Practice exams

Our full-length practice exams are created to be as close as possible to the real SACE exams, so you know exactly what it the exam will be like before you go in. Additionally, we have the actual SACE past papers for your final exam practice.

Altitutor student dashboard

All of our in-person students get access to the Altitutor student portal, which allows them to access our online resources, ask questions in the subject help groups and contact tutors for at-home support.

Click here to access the student portal

Video lessons

The video lessons teach through the notes for each subtopic, so you can learn indepedently at home.

Notes and tests

Our notes, practice questions, tests and solutions are available for access via the portal, if students want to check their solutions.

At-home support from tutors

Students can message tutors for help with any questions they have during their independent study.

Current students

All of our in-person students get access to the Altitutor student portal, which allows them to:

  • Access our online resources
  • Ask questions in the subject help groups
  • Contact tutors for at-home support or questions
  • Check their session times
  • See announcements
  • Message the other students in their class groups

If you are a current student, click on the button below to go to the Altitutor student portal.

Online-only access

Each of our online courses is also available for purchase for online-only access. Purchase of an online course includes:

  • Access to the online resources for the rest of the year
  • Access to the associated subject help group, for at-home support and any questions you have
  • Access to online support from our tutors

If you would like online-only access, please click on the button below to browse the available courses on the Altitutor student portal

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