Designed to make school subjects easier for students, our weekly tuition programs teach students class content ahead of their learning in class. Our tutors prepare them for every assessment task, with plenty of time to practice. 

Why study with us?

Tutors you can trust

As teachers or top achieving students at universities around Adelaide, we know the courses back to front, and have proven strategies

Free homework help class

All of our students may come to our 3 hour homework help class at no extra cost, where they can ask our knowledgable tutors questions or get help writing your assignments. We'll even draft your assignments in person for free.

Comprehensive resources

Our resources cover every part of the course, and aim to save students time while effectively preparing them for assessments. Students receive free access to our student portal, which contains all of our online resources.

A personalised learning experience

Students are sorted into classes based on learning ability, meaning their classmates will help them learn rather than restrict them.

24/7 access to guidance

All of our weekly students get unlimited access to our question helpline, where students can ask tutors questions during the week.

Plenty of time to prepare

Our classes teach you the curriculum content ahead of your school, giving us get heaps of time to prepare for tests and assessments.

Course information


Sessions will take place at the Altitutor office, which is located on Level 2, 100 Currie St Adelaide SA 5000


If you can't make it to a session for any reason, simply let us know at least 24 hours before the session. We don't charge any late or cancellation fees if the absence is informed at least 24 hours before the session, or in the case or medical or family emergency.


Our session cost is $40/hr, which is equivalent to $60 for each 90 minute session. This will be billed in advance with an invoice on your Altitutor account at the start of each month, to be paid via credit card or direct debit.

If you cannot afford these fees, we provide subsidies for students in disadvantaged circumstances, so they can study for free or a reduced fee. Click here to find out more and apply.

Subjects offered


  • Year 1-6 Mathematics for the South Australian curriculum
  • Year 1-6 Science for the South Australian curriculum
  • Year 1-6 English for the South Australian curriculum

  • PreSACE (Middle school)
  • Year 7-10 Mathematics for the South Australian curriculum
  • Year 7-10 Science for the South Australian curriculum
  • Year 7-10 English for the South Australian curriculum

  • SACE Mathematics
  • SACE Stage 1/2 Specialist Mathematics
  • SACE Stage 1/2 Mathematical Methods

  • SACE Sciences
  • SACE Stage 1/2 Physics
  • SACE Stage 1/2 Chemistry
  • SACE Stage 1/2 Biology

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • IB HL/SL Physics
  • IB HL/SL Biology
  • IB HL/SL Chemistry
  • IB HL/SL Mathematics AI
  • IB HL/SL Mathematics AA
  • IB HL/SL Economics

  • Looking for English? click here

    Our method

    Students attend a teaching lesson each week for each subject they study with us, in which we teach them course content ahead of school. They can also come to our optional homework help class to get additional help with assessments or assignments drafting.

    01. Revision and consolidation

    At the beginning of each session, students complete a revision sheet / do flashcards for all of the content they have learned up to that lesson. We do this so students don't have to relearn any of the content before their exams - because they already know it!

    02. Learning ahead

    Students are provided with with comprehensive notes and practice questions, and taught the content ahead of their school. This method aims to make learning at school easier, so they can focus on their assessments.

    03. Assessment preparation

    Once we finish each topic, we complete a topic test together with the students so they can learn assessment strategies from their tutor. We do a test for every lesson after that until the student feels confident with that topic, and only then will we move on to the next topic.

    04. Homework help session

    If students need additional assessment preparation, we can give you even more practice tests during our free 3-hour homework help session.

    We'll also draft your assignments in person for free!

    Our resources

    Study notes

    Designed so that you’re only writing in the most high yield content, our study notes save time learning material so we can spend more time doing practice tests together.

    Flashcard system

    Our flashcard system schedules your study for you, making you study concepts you struggle with more often. This means you won’t need to relearn content before the exam – you’ll already know it.

    Practice questions

    Our focused practice questions contain a compilation of past test and exam questions from each subtopic – so you can improve at each subtopic individually.

    Practice tests

    Our full-length practice tests are created to be as close as possible to your school tests – and you’ll have access to as many as you need both in class and at home.

    Online resources

    Our online resources include our study notes, practice questions and practice tests, as well as video lessons which teach you through each subtopic – and you can access them on any device!

    How to get started

    1. Book a trial session with us at a time convenient for you. It is best if you come to this session with a topic you want go to through, or questions you’re stuck with.
    2. One of our tutors will meet with you at the specified time
    3. During the trial session, our tutor will go through any questions you have with the subject, as well as explain the details of how tutoring would work if you were to continue with us.
    4. You will be given an information sheet with a link to sign up during the trial session – if you would like to continue with tutoring, simply use this link to sign up and select your available times
    5. We will contact you with your weekly class time

    Interested? Book a free trial session now.