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Whether you're struggling to pass or want to achieve top scores, our weekly classes ensure students not only improve their results, but find the content they're learning easy. We offer weekly classes for year 7-10 Maths and Science, SACE Stage 1 and 2 and IB Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Whatever stage you're at in your preparation, we've got you covered. Our UCAT course starts with us teaching you strategies to recognise and solve question types, and finishes with you confidently smashing through sections in the appropriate time.


If you need help with making your essays stronger, this is the place for you! We offer 1-on-1 tutoring sessions where our English tutors will provide comprehensive feedback on the structure, readability, fluency and analysis of your assignment. What are you waiting for? Let's start!

A different way to do tuition.

Altitutor is a not-for-profit tutoring company, started with a vision not only to provide better tutoring, but also make it more accessible to those who cannot afford it.

From years of experience doing both private and company tutoring, we found that individual tutors (including ourselves!) often struggled with providing a complete education for students, while tutoring with larger companies lacked personalised learning.

We took all of this experience and developed a tutoring model which both provides a complete curriculum and tailors learning to individual students. 

And thats not all. All of our company profits go back into providing free tuition for students in difficult circumstances, so by learning with us, you’re supporting a student who needs it.

Free homework help class

All of our students may come to our 3 hour homework help class at no extra cost, where they can ask our knowledgable tutors questions or get help writing your assignments. We'll even draft your assignments in person for free.

Tutors you can trust with your learning

As top achieving students studying at universities around Adelaide, we know the SACE courses back to front, and have strategies and techniques for approaching assessments which are not found in textbooks.

24/7 guidance and resource access

Our students get unlimited access to our question helpline, where they can ask tutors any questions they have. Students also get free access to our online resources, which include notes, practice questions, video lessons and full length exams.

A personalised learning experience

Students are sorted into small classes based on learning ability, meaning all students in a class are at the same level. Group learning allows student to not only learn from their own mistakes, but also other students'.

How it works

We offer a free 1 hour trial session for new students, during which one of our tutors will meet with you to discuss availability and logistics. This allows you to get a sample of our tutoring, so you can decide whether or not you would like to continue with us.

Click on the courses button below for more information on each of the courses we offer.

Our sessions are held at our office on level 2, 100 Currie St, Adelaide SA Australia.

Our subsidy program is integrated tightly into our regular tuition program, meaning all students on subsidies experience the exact same teaching that our regular students receive.

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You use the link above to book a trial session with one of our tutors.

During the trial session, our tutors explain how our programmes work and we organise availability.


You study 1-on-1 with our tutors for a few sessions to catch up to the level of one of our classes. After these sessions, you get integrated into an appropriate class, with other students at your learning ability.


In class each week, your tutor teaches you content ahead of your school, using notes, practice questions and practice exams.

Because you’ve already learnt the content with us, learning content at school become easy, and you can focus on remembering the content rather than trying to learn it for the first time.


At any time, you can access our online resources for free, which include notes, practice questions, tests and exams for every topic.

Whenever you have an assignment or struggle with content in school, you come to our free homework help session. During this time, our friendly tutors help you with schoolwork and draft your assignments, for free!

Students who want tutoring but cannot afford it apply for our tuition subsidy program.

Is this you? Click here to find out about our subsidy programme.

We interview applicants, to work out how much (if anything) they can afford to pay. Students who receive the scholarship are integrated into our classes as normal.



The money you pay for each session is used to pay for tuition for our students in our subsidy programme.

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