Our interview preparation course covers the whole process of the medical interview, from question approach to professional presentation. Our course was developed with guidance from actual interviewers working for the University of Adelaide, and includes real interview scenarios and plenty of practice interviews.

Why study with us?

5 Mock interviews

Each day of the course, every student participates in a full length mock interview. You are then given individual, 1-on-1 feedback with the examiners for how you answered each question and how to improve.

Talks and interviews from real doctors

Part of the interview involves knowing what doctors do on a day-to-day basis. That's why we have different doctors coming in to share their experiences, and personal tips to perform well in the interview.

Support for all students

We hate how lucrative medicine interview tutoring is. If the only thing restricting you from joining our course is the cost, let us know and we'll subsidise either part or all of the cost for you. Click here to find out more about our subsidy program.

Tutors you can trust

All of our medicine interview tutors are either currently studying in medical school or working as a doctor, meaning we know the questions and interview process back to front.

Personalised focus on improving YOUR answers

Before the course starts, we give you a document which outlines the entire interview process and all question types, allowing you to think about your answers beforehand. The course focuses on refining and improving your answers until you're ready for the real interview.

Supporting a good cause

Our medicine interview course is completely not-for-profit, meaning that all money we have left after paying tutors and resources is donated to a charity which the students choose at the end of the programme. Click here to find out more about the charities we support.

Course information


Our medicine interview sessions cost $20/hr, which is equivalent to $80 for each day (4 hour sessions). This will be billed in advance with an invoice added to your Altitutor account, to be paid via credit card or direct debit.

If you cannot afford these fees, we provide subsidies for students in disadvantaged circumstances, so they can study for free or a reduced fee. Click here to find out more and apply.

We hate how lucrative medicine interview tutoring is. And we're not just saying that - to put our money where our mouth is, our medicine interview course is completely not-for-profit, meaning that all money we have left after paying for tutors and resources is donated to a charity which the students choose at the end of the programme.


For all sessions, please dress how you would for the real interview - some of our interviewers are doctors and it is important to be respectful to them.

Suggested dress code is smart casual / formal.


Before the interview course starts, you will be given a document outlining the interview format and question types - you are expected to think about answers to the given questions and personal experiences you can use, so we can refine them during the course.


Sessions will take place at the Altitutor office, which is located on Level 2, 100 Currie St Adelaide SA 5000

Our method

Step 1: Learn

We start by going through the format of the interview and what types of questions are asked.

Students also receive talks from doctors in different specialties and have the chance to answer questions. This allows them to gain insight into the life of a doctor, and hence answer questions about doctors in a more genuine manner.

Step 2: Prepare

Students then brainstorm personal experiences, which we refine and shape for each answer together.

Each student gets a chance to answer interview questions one by one in front of everyone, and have their answers reviewed and critiqued.

Step 3: Stimulate

Each day, we conduct a full-length practice interview for each student. Each student receives individual, 1-on-1, spoken and written feedback so you can track your improvement over the course.

Our resources

Pre-course prep

Information sheets

Each information sheet outlines one part of the interview, including: interview format, about the Adelaide University Medical course, talk notes from a Doctor and scenario question framework – these can be used to shape your answers.

Past interview questions

You will be provided with a document which contains all of the past interview questions we have, including added prompts from interviewers and example answers to each.

Mock interview feedback

Each mock interview comes with written feedback about what you need to improve in each question of the interview, as well as general feedback and further tips.

How to get started

  1. Book a trial session with us at a time convenient for you. Please note that it is only worth booking a trial session after interview offers have been released, once you know that you have an offer.
  2. One of our medicine interview tutors will meet with you at the specified time.
  3. During the trial session, our tutor will answer any questions you have about medicine admissions, or the format of the interview.
  4. You will be given an information sheet with a link to sign up during the trial session – if you would like to continue with tutoring, simply use this link to sign up
  5. Once you are registered, come to the course from 12:00pm-4:00pm every day of the given week (dates change each year based on interview dates, but is usually the week after year 12 exams finish). The sessions will be held at our office on Level 2, 100 Currie St, Adelaide SA 5000

Interested? Book a free trial session now.