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We get it. Different students have different needs.  That’s why we offer a wide range of programmes, tailored to each student’s individual needs. To begin, choose an option below.

Weekly subject tutoring

Our weekly tuition classes are designed for two purposes. To improve your grades and to make learning your school curriculum significantly easier.

Make your learning easier.

Every week, our classes go over the content a few weeks ahead of your school curriculum using comprehensive notes and practice tests. Then, when you go through that same content in school, you've already learnt it with us. It's like relearning the content from last year!
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Exam preparation courses

Year 12 exams are scary. We know. That's why our exam preparation courses alleviate the stress by making sure that you know the content back to front.

Ace your exams with us.

Our exam preparation courses go through the syllabus using real exam questions, rather than just notes. We do a practice exam every other session while simultaneously re-teaching you the content, so you get to see your own scores improve over the course.
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English drafting

We know that writing is not easy. That's why we are here to help. Our English tutors are here to ensure that your assignment is compelling, engaging and rich in analysis.

Ace your English assignments with us

Our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions allows us to work with you so that you can improve your assignment. Our English tutors will look over your assignment before the lesson, then go through your assignment together with you during the lesson.
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Not sure which course to pick? Select the statement which best describes your learning needs from the list below.

Whatever your reason, our weekly tuition classes are for you. We’ve found that tuition companies tend to just put enrolled students into whatever class they can, depending on availability and convenience. This often makes the student feel even more behind, as the other students of that class would already be ahead because of previous tuition. If you’re struggling with schoolwork, our first point is to find out why – whether that’s accumulated missed knowledge, school absence, or a teacher which doesn’t benefit your learning style. One of our tutors will then do one-on-one sessions with you until you’re at the level of one of our classes, no matter how long that takes. 

Weekly tuition

Whether you want to get into a top course such as Medicine or Dentistry, or if you’re just a perfectionist, our weekly classes will ensure you get the best scores you possibly can. Do you already understand all of the content, but small, silly mistakes are holding you back from the top grade band? Our tutors were all top achieving students who had to face and overcome this problem, and we have our own personal strategies to ensure you minimise the marks you lose for any reason. We don’t put high achieving students with students who are just aiming to pass – then it would no different to school. All of our classes are sorted by learning ability, which means we group students who are all aiming for perfect scores so we can strive for perfection together.

Weekly tuition

If you’re not interested in regular tuition, our exam preparation courses condense and entire year’s worth of learning into a 10-14 day course. At the beginning of each course, we do a practice exam so you can see you areas of weakness and what to improve on. Each day, we go through a different topic, meaning you can choose which days you want to come to and which to skip – and the best part is you only pay for what you come to. The last session is a final practice exam – so you can see firsthand how much your score improved.

Exam preparation courses

Since our weekly classes are learning a few weeks ahead of the school curriculum, we have plenty of time to prepare for summative assessments. Students who only want help with test preparation, only come to our class sessions when we are doing assessment preparation.

Weekly classes

Our SACE stage 2 students in our weekly classes get free in-person assignment drafting for all of their summative assignments for that subject. They also get free access to a weekly homework help class for help writing assignments.

Weekly tuition

As part of our English drafting programme, one of our English tutors can sit with you and guide you as you write your assignment, including helpful guides with what to put in each section.

English drafting.

Applying for medicine?

Getting into medicine is a daunting process, and we’re here to help. If you’re not sure where to start, read our medicine admissions guide, which outlines the entry requirements, process and how to apply. If you’re still confused, contact us and one of our tutors would be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you have about the application process, absolutely free of charge. Ready to prepare? Select the stage of the application process which you are up to below:

UCAT preparation

Run by tutors who have scored among the best UCAT scores in the country, we're giving you the techniques used by current medical students who have had to sit through the UCAT themselves.

Top strategies from top scorers.

If you're new to the UCAT, our course starts with an introduction to the question types and equips you with strategies to solve each one. We then gradually improve your timing until you're able to solve questions at the pace of the real UCAT.

Teaching is done using our online system, which contains thousands of practice questions, organised into practice sets and full timed exams to simulate the timing of the real UCAT.
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Medical interview course

Run by tutors who have been through the interview process ourselves, we know how scary this can be. Having each received first round offers to multiple medical schools around Australia, we have strategies guaranteed to improve your interview performance.

So, you want to be a doctor.

Our interview preparation course covers the whole process of the medical interview, from question approach to professional presentation. Our course was developed with guidance from actual interviewers working for the University of Adelaide, and includes real interview scenarios and plenty of practice interviews.
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