Our exam preparation courses are designed specifically to help students achieve the best score they can in their SACE Stage 2 final examinations. They consist of 5-8 intensive sessions run over the course of two weeks leading up to the exam. Each course gives a review of the entire subject’s content, highlighting critical areas which may have been forgotten, then focuses heavily on strategies and shortcuts for solving exam-style questions.

Why revise with us?

Tutors you can trust

As top achieving students studying Medicine at universities around Adelaide, we know the courses back to front, and have strategies and techniques which are not found in textbooks.

Summary notes

Summary sheets (sciences): Each topic is re-taught with one of our summary sheets, which is an A4 sheet which outlines everything you need to know from that topic.
Cheat sheets (maths): We provide cheat sheets for each topic, as a template for you to write your own.

Practice exams provided

Each exam session, we do a practice exam under the guidance of tutors. This allows students to see what they know well and what they need to revise more. All practice exams are provided by us.

Personalised help

The content we cover in each session is dictated by YOU and what you need help revising. Whether that's re-teaching content or smashing through exams, sessions will be tailored to prepare each and every student for the exam.

24/7 access to guidance

From the start of the course all the way up to their exam, students who attend our course get 24/7 support from our tutors to answer any questions problems they have.


Each workshop session, tables are set up with one topic on each table - each table has summary sheets and practice questions, and a tutor to help you out. Students are free to move between tables depending on which topic they need to revise.

Course information


Sessions will take place at the Altitutor office, which is located on Level 2, 100 Currie St Adelaide SA 5000


Our session cost is $40/hr, which is equivalent to $60 for each 90 minute session. This will be billed in advance with an invoice on your Altitutor account at the start of each month, to be paid via credit card or direct debit.

If you cannot afford these fees, we provide subsidies for students in disadvantaged circumstances, so they can study for free or a reduced fee. Click here to find out more and apply.

Exam sessions

The course timetable outlines what is covered each day of the course, and changes from year to year. We will provide you with a copy during your trial session, which you can book using the link at the bottom of the page.


If you can't make it to a session for any reason, simply let us know at least 24 hours before the session. We don't charge any late or cancellation fees if the absence is informed at least 24 hours before the session, or in the case or medical or family emergency.

Subjects offered

  • SACE Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics
  • SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods
  • SACE Stage 2 Physics
  • SACE Stage 2 Chemistry
  • SACE Stage 2 Biology
  • Our method

    Exam session

    Students do a practice exam with guidance of tutors, which reveals what you know well and what you need to revise more.

    Workshop sessions

    Our tables are set up with one topic on each table - each table has summary sheets and practice questions, and a tutor to help you out. Students are free to move between tables depending on which topic you need to revise.

    Final exam practice

    Towards the end of the course, exams will be done under timed closed book conditions to simulate the real exam.

    Our resources

    SACE Chemistry summary sheet 1

    Summary sheets

    For science subjects, our summary sheets outline everything you need to know about a each topic in one double sided A4 page, so you’re not wasting time sorting through your notes. For maths subjects, we have template cheat sheets for each topic.

    SACE Chemistry PQ 1

    Focused practice questions

    Our focused practice questions contain a compilation of past test and exam questions from each topic – you are free to use these during workshop sessions when you want to focus on one topic.

    Practice exams

    Our full-length practice exams are created to be as close as possible to the real SACE exams, so you know exactly what it the exam will be like before you go in. Additionally, we have the actual SACE past papers for your final exam practice.

    How to get started

    1. Book a trial session with us at a time convenient for you
    2. One of our tutors will meet with you at the specified time
    3. During the trial session, our tutor will go through any questions you have with the subject, as well as explain the details of the exam course
    4. You will be given an information sheet with a link to sign up during the trial session – if you would like to join the exam course, simply use this link to sign up
    5. We will contact you when exam courses start with your exam course time

    Interested? Book a free trial session now.